Strategic Information Technology Consulting

The founders of NicholsTownsend Consultants bring their 20+ years of IT experience to our clients to help them align technology with their business goals. We can assist with nearly any facet of IT infrastructure from technology planning and architecture strategy to application framework platform selection and beyond.

We have helped clients of all sizes make informed technology decisions in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Systems Optimization
  • Enterprise Architecture Development
  • Web Strategy
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Third-party Software Selection and Evaluation
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Hardware Selection
  • Security Audits
  • Development Platform Selection
  • Enterprise Application Framework Selection and Planning

Business and Systems Integration

Integrating technology systems can be one of the most difficult technical hurdles that an organization may face, strategic gaps between complex applications can mean productivity loss as well as significant opportunity costs. At NicholsTownsend Consultants we have built an experience portfolio integrating systems for clients across virtually all business sectors, sizes and levels of technical sophistication. Some of the primary areas we have helped clients are:

Business Process Automation

Clients who have their process automation and integrated systems working synergistically can benefit from increased Return On Investment (ROI) through increased ability to gather real-time data and manage efficiency. These systems can be custom systems designed by NicholsTownsend Consultants or extensions or tools built into existing software.

API Development and API Integration

NicholsTownsend Consultants can develop a public or private API that will allow customers or other internal development staff to fully engage your custom solution. We can also create your custom solution with seamless integration of public APIs such as Amazon S3, Google+ API and Maps, Bing, Facebook plus many other industry standard APIs.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to e-Commerce integration. Implementations can vary due to a variety of client needs including; inventory control, accounting, fulfillment and specific client customer experience profile. NicholsTownsend Consultants has the experience to help its clients build an effective, secure and reliable e-Commerce solution.

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