Application Production Support

NicholsTownsend Consultants provides support for software built by us as well as general IT and infrastructure support. There are three support plan structures available to ensure the right-sized solution for your business:

  • On-Demand Support - best for clients who anticipate only minimal, non-critical support during business hours.
  • Retainer Support - recommended for clients that are looking for regular support during business hours and ongoing custom software enhancements. Often, our clients opt for retainer support to ensure that their custom designed software is kept up-to-date with business needs as well as changing computing environments.
  • Partner Support - the most comprehensive level of support NicholsTownsend offers. Partner support is just what the name implies, a partnership, offering the benefits of Retainer Support plus the fastest response times for critical and non-critical systems as well as client customer support if applicable.

Support Service ProvidedOn-DemandRetainerPartner
 Immediate Response Time - During Business Hours
 After Hours Support Contact for Critical Systems
 Proactive System Maintenance & Performance Tuning
 Unlimited Bug Fixes (for NicholsTownsend Developed Code)
 Reduced Rate for Custom Software Services
 Priority Handling of Support Issues
 Scheduled Developer Resources
 Monthly Project Management
 Monthly Status Reporting
 Same Day Response Time
 First Come/First Served Support Queue

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